Anchor Bugel galvanized


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The Perfect Combination  

Anchor "Bugel" galvanized, Powerball, Stainless Steel Chain and Chain Marker  

Since its introduction and patenting this anchor has been in service world-wide under extreme conditions and has proven to be a super all-around anchor: The ability to quickly set and hold in the most difficult grounds such as mud, clay shale, gravel, rock and seewead is the principle benefit of this truly universal anchor.  

After stringent tests the German Lloyd’s issued the certificate: «Anchor with high holding ability».  

This is the "Original-Bügelanker" and not a copie !  

Technical Data

Art. No. 7951

  • Weight anchor: 11 kg anchor
  • Weight of the boat:  2 - 4 to

Art. No. 7952

  • Weight anchor: 14 kg anchor
  • Weight of the boat:   4 - 8 to

Art. No. 7953

  • Weight anchor: 16 kg anchor 
  • Weight of the boat: 5- 9 to

Art. Nr. 7954

  • Weight anchor: 20 kg anchor 
  • Weight of the boat: 9 - 13 to

Art. Nr. 7955

  • Weight anchor: 24 kg anchor 
  • Weight of the boat: 12 - 15 to 


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Anchor Bugel galvanized

Anchor Bugel galvanized

The Perfect Combination

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