Hydro Charger for transom


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Now you have enough power on board with our new Hydro Charger

Charge your batteries under sail by lowering the generator in the water.

Combined water power and solar power with an intelligent Converter Charger.

NEW: Also available for reverse transom

2 models available: 

Art. No. 7147 Hydro Charger for 12 Volts systems

Art. No. 7148 Hydro Charger for 24 Volts systems

  • For 12/24 Volts systems
  • Programmable idler neutral gear voltage e.g. 16V / 32V
  • 40A /12V, 20A / 24V maximum current
  • Max. current programmable depending on battery capacity
  • Programmable converter charger with digital display
  • Solar panel connection up to 400 W / 16 A
  • 20 A/12 V socket for watermaker, inverter 220 V / 50Hz, (115V / 60Hz) for charging cellular phones, TV, PC etc.



  • Smooth running through custom-designed planetary gear
  • Low ratio prevents high motor speeds
  • Optimized efficiency through custom-designed transmission
  • Double seals (2 O-rings each)
  • Multiple-bearing propeller shaft
  • Easy to remove and disassemble 
  • Hard anodized aluminium housing and special synthetic cover.
  • Streamlined anodized aluminium body
  • All screws (A4) are additionally protected against corrosion by Duralac 
  • No propeller forces transmitted to the gearbox due to special coupling
  • Almost inaudible in the water
  • Charging from 4 knots upwards (depending on the pitch setting angle setting of the propeller blades)



  • Main body manufactured in a solid synthetic material
  • Stove enamelled aluminium propeller blades.
  • Blade angle is infinitely adjustable depending on type of the boat (speed)
  • Propeller blades are replaceable (i.e. after collision)
  • Blades were designed using CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize the blade form and twist for superior performance



  • Up to 16/32 volt adjustable, perfect to compensate for voltage loss
  • With built-in free wheel (propeller turns freely when max. retained battery voltage is reached)
  • Additional connection for solar panels or wind generator
  • Additional connection for direct output, which will be automatically shut down when sufficient battery voltage is obtained
  • Transom mounting bracket system
  • Solid stainless steel construction (Aisi 316)
  • Quick fastener device for mounting on transom bracket
  • Foldable at full speed through 4x reduction ratio line
  • Generator locks into working position when deployed in the water (easy release by lightly pulling on the red line)
  • Can be stored in fully inverted position (for ex. in harbour)
  • Lateral stoppers to avoid generator hitting on transom
  • NEW: integrated, digital display
  • NEW: additional switch for free wheel
  • NEW: additional alarm when battery is completely charged
  • NEW: higher output


Art. Nr. 7147 (12V) / No. 7148 (24V)

Basic bracket for transom: Stainless steel bracket with adjustable segment, folding-up with a line. Folding under speed is no problem, because there is a 4:1 line reduction ratio.

Generator is locked into position when deployed. Quick fastener device for mounting on transom bracket.  

Generator with Converter Charger without mounting bracket 

Generator part: Gear drive with shaft, propeller and programmable converter charger with digital display and 4 m 3-core cable

Performance: Generates power from 4 knots (depending on boat speed and propeller blade pitch)

Output: 50 to 600 Watts depending on speed and battery load

Generator Dims.: Gear drive with shaft and bracket: 1100 x 100 mm, propeller diameter 360 mm 


Rated Power: 1.000W (Best ratio: Hydro Generator 600W, PV cells 400W)

Applicable batteries: 12V from 200Ah up to ----, 24V from 100Ah up to --- (voltage detected automatically)

Battery full charge cut: 16V /32V (adjustable)

Battery low voltage disconnect load: 11V / 22V 

Load on voltage: 12.44V (default adjustable)

Load current max: 40A (20A at 24V)

No load loss: ≤45mA

Dimensions: 278 x 133x 75 mm

Weight: 1,6 kg

Working environment: Working temperature: -10-50°C Relative humidity: 0-90% (no exterior  installation, only inside the cabin)

Weight: Generator, converter charger, basic bracket and propeller: approx. 15 kg

Included in delivery: Generator, converter charger, basic bracket for transom, plug, propeller including transom mount bracket 

Art. No. 7220

Additional bracket for transom 

Design: Stainless steel bracket with middle section in Nylon and counter plate. Including screws, nuts and security bolt

Dimensions: 260 x 70 x 30 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg


Art. No. 7210

Special Support for swim platform:             

Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 265 x 70 x 260 mm

Hydro Charger



We bought a swi-tec Hydrocharger and we are so pleased to tell, that we have a lots of power in our boat now. So her we go over the Atlantic. And the support from the company is very good. We recommend this product. Best regards Bonnie of Stockholm


Sehr geehrter Herr Bachmann, habe den Hydro-charger montiert. Funktioniert fantastisch. Bei 8+ Knoten produziert er 400 Watt und mehr. Eine Bremswirkung habe ich, allerdings bei geringerer Geschwindigkeit, nicht messen können. Die Montage von zwei Halterungen ist eine ideale Lösung für Boote mit offener Heckklappe oder Klappspiegel. Der Generator geht recht einfach umzuhängen, auch in Fahrt. Habe für das Hochklappen allerdings einen Anschlag durch eine Schraube mit Mutter eingebaut, da der Generator doch manchmal mit Schwung hochkommt und vor allem dadurch sehr gut in hochgeklappter Stellung einfach mit dem Hochholtampen am Heckkorb sicher fixiert werden kann. Sollten Sie ggf. in die Serie übernehmen. Auch das angeschlossene Solarpaneel funktioniert einwandfrei über den Regler. Viele Grüße von einem zufriedenen Kunden

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Hydro Charger for transom

Hydro Charger for transom

Hydro Charger for transom