SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line


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SWI-TEC Personal Winch "S Klasse" with Dyneema line.

 The new generation of SWI-TEC.

  • Safety lifting and lowering of persons
  • Multi-purpose
  • Gear ratio 1 : 10
  • Solid material and workmanship
  • Two designs available
  • Small floor space required (bag as accessories available)
  • GS tested

The SWI-TEC S-Klasse corresponds to the basic model "Classic", has however additional modifications like e.g. a running along compulsory-cable-guide and a cable drum with flutes.

This winch can be used even more versatile. The "S-Klasse" is available in two models:

  • 13 m Lifts
  • 18 m Lifts

 The SWI-TEC "S-Klasse" is tested and admitted according to BGR 159 (securityregulating for high-ductile person-reception-methods) and to EN1808 for hanging person-reception-methods.

The "S-Klasse" is tested according to the newest European guidelines (EN1808) and for that reason admitted additionally also for using on facades.


  • Shaft inspecciones
  • Facade-repairs / -cleanings
  • Inspections of silos etc.
  • Fire brigade, communities, cable railways
  • Mining and mast-construction
  • Scaffolding
  • Horticulture and forestry


The SWI-TEC work-and rescuewinches allow a versatile use. Whether at facades in shafts, - the handy SWI-TEC winches can be used everywhere. The Personal Winch can be used individually or with the help from another person.


Rule of the examining board:

According to rules of the professional association (UVV) and additional crash protection must always be installed during use with a winch!

The SWI-TEC.... simple, sure, compact!

Technical Data

  • Operation height:  
    • Article No. 3017 S-Klasse 13 m        
    • Article No. 3018 S-Klasse 22 m  


  • Gear ratio: Generally: 1 :10 (Body-weight 80 Kg = power or traction 8 Kg  
  • Max. permitted load: 150 Kg (1 Person)
  • Weight:
    • S-Klasse 13 m: 6.7 Kg
    • S-Klasse 22 m: 7.6 Kg
  • Measurements:
    • 13 m Design: Ø = 165 mm l = 215 mm
    • 22 m Design: Ø = 185 mm l = 215 mm
  • Carrying rope: Dyneema Line Ø 6 mm
  • Safety weight load: 2500 daN (Kausche approx. 2200 daN)
  • Material (outside parts): Stainless-steel, aluminium, plastic
  • Material (inside parts): High-quality steel, aluminium
  • Miscellaneous: Integrated double safety device. All the drive units are installed with needle rollers and are spray-water protected.

  • Important: The suspension point of the winch must be able to carry at least a minimum of 750 Kg. The guidelines of the professional association of Germany are valid. BGR 159

  • EN ISO 12100:2011-03    Sicherheit von Maschinen - Allgemeine Gestaltungsleitsätze - Risikobeurteilung und Risikominderung
  • EN 1808:1999+A1:2010  Sicherheitsanforderungen an hängende Personenaufnahmemittel -Berechnung, Standsicherheit, Bau-Prüfungen (in Anlehnung)                                             

National rules:

  • BGR 159 Hochziehbare Personenaufnahmemittel (in Anlehnung). 

SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line

SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line


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SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line

SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line

SWI TEC Personal Winch S Klasse with Dyneema Line

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